Thursday, December 8, 2011

visions of sugar plums

Hello all! My newest favorite outfit definitely has me smiling :) It includes a couple new finds so here goes...

I scored a beautiful dress that is plum colored and super comfy. Paired with some dark blue or purple leggings, it's totally winter -ready.The dress falls about an inch and a half above my knees. It came with a black belt that I can have on or off so that was a total bonus :DDD (oops sorry, my hand is in the pic :P ). The yellow jacket I'm wearing in the picture was a gift from my mom for the windy weather out here. I must say it was crazy hard to find an outfit to match this mustard yellow jacket, but apparently dark purple was the color I was looking for.

The jacket has a really cool ruffle detail on the collar which adds a melodramatic affect to it, though the tailor wasn't very wise to use brown thread to sew the zipper. Good thing it's barely noticeable when I have the jacket on -__- . You can really see the cozy knit on the collar of the dress in this picture.

Another I really appreciate is when an outfit accentuates the waist with a belt. The thick belt causes the jacket to have a nice flair on the lower half , which I find very flattering to my figure. A nice tip is to place a thicker belt snugly across the waist in order to look curvier, I've also heard that placing the belt closer to the bust-line takes off a few pounds.

I've had these shoes for a year but I really only wore them a few times. However, they go very well with my new dress and they look especially nice with leggings. It's a little hard to tell but the insides are softly lined with some sort of furry material , while the outside is a classy purple suede.

I finished of the outfit with a yellow flower in my hair and VOILA! my look is complete. (sorry about the lighting, the picture was taken at night time after I wore this to a party :P )

Thanks for reading! :)

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