Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas surprises!

It certainly has been quite some time since I have made a posts but no worries, I've returned to the blog so that I can share the wonderful treasures received this month. I have obtained so many wonderful goodies that they will have posts of their own in groups of one or two. Thank you to all for being so patient these past few weeks! Here's hoping you had an absolutely wonderful holiday!

These last few days have been full of adventures and during a holiday road trip I stopped at a site in California called Palm Springs, which serves as a picturesque getaway for many west coast inhabitants! As you can tell from my blog's title , my dream is to live in the city one day, but I am always eager to explore new places outside of L.A as well! I have found Palm Springs to be a place of friendly people, natural charm and of course, great shopping opportunities!

Palm springs was speckled with tiny businesses and modern botiques. But One shop that really caught my eye was a store advertising all items for 16 dollars!!!!! It had such a cute arrangement and eyecatching window display that I couldnt possibly window shop without buying something! Everything in the store varied from camisoles, to purses, to jackets, and scarves too! It was probably the closest thing to heaven on earth for a bargain shopper like myself xD. I knew immediatley that I wanted to take home this blue leather bag.

The first thing that caught my eye was this gorgeous color! It was so unique and vibrant that I didnt think twice about the seasonal colors (winter tones) or if the color complimented my skin tone or even if I had enough teal in my wardrobe to wear this beautiful purse with! And I must say that adding silver accents was absolute genius! It looks so luxurious :DDD

You can probably tell that this is a leathery kind of purse which I love because the texture is so chic and rich. It's truly amaing how the leather ruffles tie in perfectly with the design and conceal the zippers .These ruffles also provide the illusion of a bag that grows narrower towards the top . This purse is actually extremely roomy and has plenty of space at the opening.

I have my dad to thank for the scarf in this pic. It was a gift for my fifteenth birthday and I can see that this will make for a wonderful pair. The scarf and purse were practically made for each other in my opinion xD. There are multiple colors infused in the scarf which also proves that this bag will actually look great with a long range of shades other than blue. Who knew that teal was so versatile? I would definatley consider this a purse a new gem in wardrobe!

Thanks for reading :)

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