Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elf Haul

Those who know me know that I am a very big fan of e.l.f cosmetics. It's true, I have more elf products in my collection than any other makeup brand I use. It's probably important to note that half of my elf enthusiasm comes from my love for good deals, and this brand definitely has them! My latest haul included a load of their studio products ( which are supposed to be better quality than essential products?) and I have to say that it was money well spent. The total lot included the studio : Cream Blush, Flawless Finish Foundation, Stipple Brush, Mist and Set Spray, High definition Powder, and Tinted lip Balm.I have had these products for about a month now and I would say that has been plenty of time for testing them out, so here are the reviews! :)

First up is the cream blush which is in the color: Flirt. I heard once during a beauty demonstration that contrary to many beliefs, a bright pink blush is safer with all skin tones than darker tinted blushes. First may I say, WOW. This is a lot of product!. the blush is also very pigmented which means only a little is necessary in order to achieve colored cheeks. The color itself is indeed bright and very pink. True to its' swatch, the color reminds me of a neon-ish color and really it only takes two layers to reach full pigmentation. I use the stipple brush from elf to apply this blush because the white bristles reveal how much product I've picked up (and we all know the difference between rosy cheeks and clown faces is just a bit more blush than necessary,especially with such a pigmented blush as this one!)

Speaking of the E.L.F stipple brush, I also received this little beauty in the same haul as the blush. I really like it because it is big and has two layers of fine hair. As I mentioned before, stipple brushes are extremely useful for high risk makeup like bronzer and blush, as one slip of the hand will have you looking overdone! The semi transparent hair of the top layer of the brush serves as a clear indicator of too much or too little product. The second picture shows how easy it is too see how much product you have picked up. Mine brush is already stained pink from the blushers I use it with :P

There is quite a story behind this foundation. I was all to eager to buy a liquid foundation. So even though my shade was sold out, I purchased the next one over which what this color is. The shade is called caramel and it is DEFINITELY not the same color as it appears to be online. In fact, it is two shades darker and certainly doesn't match my skin tone... even in the summer!!! And if this deception wasn't enough, the packaging came to my doorstep with a broken pump applicator which resulted in the foundation leaking out of its' container! ummm wow. Can you spell D-I-S-A-P-O-I-N-T-M-E-N-T? But the let down doesn't end here. After receiving this I emailed the company asking for a refund...that never came. First they told me that I would be refunded, than they said I would receive a new foundation. But nothing ever came! DDDD:. I have to say as disappointing as this was, it's the first mistake I have ever witnessed from ELF so I wont disown quite them yet...

There isn't much to say about the setting spray. I suppose the purpose is to "'refresh " while keeping your makeup in place.I have found it to allow my makeup last about thirty minutes more than it usually does. There is a faint smell which isn't too pleasant but there seems to be a lot of product ! I was relieved to find that it doesn't leave the skin looking or feeling sticky/hardened. It really isn't something I would use daily and if I used it at all it would be in the summer.

thanks for reading :)


  1. fab!!!^^
    i love the eyeshadows ;)


  2. I'm waiting for a package from e.l.f. :) it's my first - and I hope this products will be good.


  3. Justina: Don't let my experience worry you, ELF is really a great company! Hope you enjoy your first products :D

    Jany: thanks very much!

    Aitana: I will definitely have to try the eyeshadow next time! thanks :D

  4. i loved this review! It was very good :) please look at my blog