Friday, December 16, 2011

my christmas list part one

It is actually quite hysterical that my list is so long this year, I cant remember wanting a thing for my birthday this year yet come Christmas, I am adding things to my list as if my life depended on it. In reality I know that I won't likely get a lot this year given that we are experiencing a post-recession economy and money is being spent on my education as well. however, a girl can dream! Ever heard of Christmas miracles xD. anyways , if I don't get these items for Christmas it doesn't mean I cant save up my pennies and buy them for myself! so without further Ado, here is my Christmas wish list :

To: Santa
This year I would very much appreciate the following:

Furry Earmuff Headphones

I cant think of anything more functional than headphones that block out outside sounds and also keep ears warm! I saw these earphones from juicy couture and fell instantly in love. Definately on the top of my Christmas list.

five Floral Rings

A cute assortment of floral rings . these are adorable and have a vintage sort of look that is so cute and classy! The ones above are from wet seal.

Peppermint air freshener

Yes, Glade peppermint scented airfreshener, not that I need it haha.Because It smells absolutely amazing and very sweet. I really like the smell peppermint when I walk into a room so this is perfect for me! I have concluded that it is the perfect balance of candy and spearmint.

to be continued, thanks for reading :)