Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Just a quick post to say happy LATE valentines day to all and a happy birthday to my father! I hope you all had the chance to do something special with the ones you love : boyfriends, girlfriends,family, friends, or in my case, pet cats xD The beach is thirty minutes away from where I live so I hope to spend another weekend with my closest friends and family!It was the cutest thing when my mom and dad got eachother the same valentines gift this year! A trip to the beach! for those who don't know of Ventura beach, it looks like this...

so picturesque isn't it?

Once again, wishing a late happy valentines day to all !

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A new bed!

Hey guys! It's a little off topic but I absolutley had to stop and gush about this new bed that I got my cats a few days ago.Last weekend my cats received a new bed to share and hopefully it will keep those little trouble makers off of mine! I think they will quite like it considering that it is some-what roomy so they can hide inside of it.

There is a sheepskin lining on the inside which is certainly going to win over Oreo. Fernie will love the nook because of it's enclosed design, he tends to choose small, dark spaces when he takes a nap.

I am absoutley in love with this animal print on the exterior! What better pattern for a cat bed than cat print? Besides, Fernie thinks he is a wild animal anyways! So overall, this little bed has sheepskin flooring, foux fur lining, an enclosed design, and a killer exterior. xD. I can't believe how spoiled these cats are !

It looks like Oreo is already poking around inside!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My threads: Oxfords with heels and black friday deals

Yesterday was surprisingly warm compared to how the weather has been these past few weeks. I didn't even have to wear a jacket or gloves! However, I was not about to leave the house at 7 am in the morning wearing a t-shirt so I opted for a thick green cardigan and a vibrant scarf.

The scarf was a gift from my cousin, while the cardigan was purchased at a black Friday sale last year ( quick history: during a time of scandal and trickery in America , money hungry business men attempted to take advantage of wall street investors. Their plan was to make a huge profit by tricking the president but it was ruined when president Grant discovered their scheme. thousands of dollars were lost and prices were forced to drop everywhere. Hundreds of years later, stores all over America feature unbelievable prices on black Friday , the day after thanksgiving, for about 15 hours only. Seriously, people get into fist fights over black Friday sales!)

My shoes are not shown in the pics but I am wearing my favorite ones : oxfords. The best part about these shoes are their heels. A short girl like me needs all the height she can get! P.S: does anyone spot a four leaf clover in this picture? ha ha just kidding. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

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Febuary wishlist

I have officially decided that every month, I will create a list of goals and wishes that I want to achieve and hopefully, I can succeed at completing each list in 31 days! What I don't finish, will roll over to the next month's list.

I was so excited to get started! Here is my February list :

In case my writing is hard to read (It is actually very hard to write legibly with crayon xD ) here is what the list says:

1) Revlon photo ready airbrush foundation (I would absolutely love to get the photo ready primer as well)

2) Maybelline dream Nude air foam foundation

3) Almay smart shade correcting primer

4) John Freida brilliant brunette shampoo and condition

Does anything here appeal to you?

I figured that four was realistic for this months wish list, especially considering I do not have job at- the- moment xD. I promise as soon as I get these I will do a review and let every one know how things turned out! I hope to get started very soon!

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