Saturday, July 16, 2011

another awaited E.L.f HAUL and follow up.

For starters, I feel that I owe an apology for putting off so many posts so recently. I have truly been lazy all summer. Proof of this would be the fact that I have two ginormous summer assighnments piling up right now and I have barely touched them with school only 4 weeks away! It's hysterical that the only time I want to do anything is when I am supposed to be doing something else, something that it particularly boring. does that make sense? XD haw haw. kk time for the follow up.:

The foundation brush that many will recall from the previous post, turned out to be a huge succces! It basically does the work of all the makeup sponge wedge thingy's and you never have to throw it away!. Its' bristles are plastic-like and virtually indestrructable, which means no shedding and it never loses it's shape.

I am currently awaiting another E.L.F haul and I am super excited for this one. I ordered the high definition powder, the tinted lip balm, the setting spray, flawless finish foundation, stipple brush, and cream blush. I should be here around next sunday ( it takes about ten days to get here because I live on the opposite side of where they are manufactured.)