Friday, October 5, 2012

Im back :D or am I?

 looooooooong time since my last posting..goodness has it really been that long? I remember creating this blog as a way for me to gush about my love for cosmetics and fashion, and share that love with other people. Then it became a wonderful window into my life as I began sharing my passion for other things as well (especially my love for those mischievous cats of mine xD). But sadly, my writings were slowed and eventually I stopped blogging completely as I found less and less time for it :(. its still something that is incredibly fun to do , and blogging is one of my favorite hobbies!

As of now I'm not quite sure what my plan is, perhaps every now and then (or a little more often) I'll drop by this old blog and leave a few reviews, some snippets from my life, and a fashion post or two. Maybe I will be more of a seasonal blogger ( I seem to be at my best, fashion wise, in the winter months anyways :p) but i know for sure that I will still faithfully follow the blogs I do so love to read from time to time.

As for now, I hope those who found (and still find?) my blog a means of happiness, will continue to stay tuned for my next post.And thank you to everyone who was so patient and to those who kept this little blog in mind. :) 

Still living for the City,
        Angela :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Picks

YAAAAY it's finally March (and saint Patrick's day is right around the corner) . Green is the seasons color and also happens to be my absolute favorite color as well. So to show my holiday spirit, I have decided to do a post featuring my choice "green" products. These products have natural ingredients included in them, making them oh-so healthy for your skin while leaving a clean/ fresh feeling. my DAILY usage of these products explains why they are all half empty (or half full ?) and also shows how much I love them :)

So this first one is a fragrance by AVON called natural. Its the cucumber body spray/perfume which has a surprisingly sweet top note. Its my signature scent and I love the fresh clean smell. Its really for a girl who has a casual/ airy style. Its definitely not floral smelling and it doesn't smell very high end, but it smells clean and crisp for sure!

Next is this rice mask wash off which I use weekly to soften my skin. It was a Christmas gift that I have been thankful to receive every time I use it. Its great for sensitive skin too!. I use it after I cleanse my face and neck. Its really cool because there are tiny grains of rice in the masks that gently exfoliate your skin. Did I mention that it smells amazing?

I also Use this cleansing wash from Boots almost daily. Its from the Botanic collection and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. I use it at the end off the day to wash off makeup. I love that this is a foam and when I apply to my wet face, it really does turn to foam! so cool.

Next is this lotion from the world market. Its got real olive and Shea oils that keep my skin hydrated during windy days. it was really inexpensive and other key ingredients include sugar, vanilla, almond, and cocoa! As You can see, My bottle has received a lot of love (its almost time to restock!) This unique lotion is thinner than than a body butter, but more moisturizing and less oily than regular lotions, but whatever it is, I love it xD

hope you all have a fantastic march!
thanks for reading :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

pink dress and posing mess

Yes, I know I just posted about a new Grey Jacket but the one featured in this post is actually a different one (hahah, coincidence) The difference is that this is more of a blazer-type jacket and it has shoulder pads so it makes me look sophisticated xD

This adorable number was purchased at a shopping district (L.A has a district near, little Tokyo, where the street is filled with clothes and makeup and jewelry sellers. 30 blocks of sheer enjoyment aha)I love the elegance of his dress. With ruffles, flowers (and the fact that it is pink) how much more feminine can it get? the silhouette is so flattering and I really love how airy and light it is. Mind you, these are very bad poses but I was trying to pull back the jacket so that everyone could see mostly the dress , I don't usually don't look like such a mess xD

paired the dress with some black boots and grey tights so I am now ready to face the day!

Thanks for reading ! :)

sunny day and feelin' grey

Well! It has been a while since my last post! my apologies, its been an extremely busy month. But luckily I had time to snap a few photos outside while the sun was up and I've got some new pics to show you all! enjoy.

I recently went a little clothing crazy and got tons of new clothing items (in my defense, they were quite reasonably priced) my first item was this jacket from forever 21, which I am absolutely in love with. I dont own too many grey pices but this was a must have. Luckily it covers very well so whatever I am wearing underneath will be hidden, whether it matches or not, until the jacket comes off (which may in fact be never because I love this jacket sooooo much xD). The material is very thick and thermal , yet it somehow manages to avoid looking packed or bulky.It also features a hood and belt for extra warmth and snugness (is "snugness" a word? I think it is...)

And now for the absolutely best part: Pockets! You would never know they were there but this jacket happens to have the most roomy and comfortable pockets I have ever experienced.

This is a pic with the new tunic I bought, but I can go more in depth on that piece in a future post ;)

Thanks so much for staying patient with me, and thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Just a quick post to say happy LATE valentines day to all and a happy birthday to my father! I hope you all had the chance to do something special with the ones you love : boyfriends, girlfriends,family, friends, or in my case, pet cats xD The beach is thirty minutes away from where I live so I hope to spend another weekend with my closest friends and family!It was the cutest thing when my mom and dad got eachother the same valentines gift this year! A trip to the beach! for those who don't know of Ventura beach, it looks like this...

so picturesque isn't it?

Once again, wishing a late happy valentines day to all !

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A new bed!

Hey guys! It's a little off topic but I absolutley had to stop and gush about this new bed that I got my cats a few days ago.Last weekend my cats received a new bed to share and hopefully it will keep those little trouble makers off of mine! I think they will quite like it considering that it is some-what roomy so they can hide inside of it.

There is a sheepskin lining on the inside which is certainly going to win over Oreo. Fernie will love the nook because of it's enclosed design, he tends to choose small, dark spaces when he takes a nap.

I am absoutley in love with this animal print on the exterior! What better pattern for a cat bed than cat print? Besides, Fernie thinks he is a wild animal anyways! So overall, this little bed has sheepskin flooring, foux fur lining, an enclosed design, and a killer exterior. xD. I can't believe how spoiled these cats are !

It looks like Oreo is already poking around inside!

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My threads: Oxfords with heels and black friday deals

Yesterday was surprisingly warm compared to how the weather has been these past few weeks. I didn't even have to wear a jacket or gloves! However, I was not about to leave the house at 7 am in the morning wearing a t-shirt so I opted for a thick green cardigan and a vibrant scarf.

The scarf was a gift from my cousin, while the cardigan was purchased at a black Friday sale last year ( quick history: during a time of scandal and trickery in America , money hungry business men attempted to take advantage of wall street investors. Their plan was to make a huge profit by tricking the president but it was ruined when president Grant discovered their scheme. thousands of dollars were lost and prices were forced to drop everywhere. Hundreds of years later, stores all over America feature unbelievable prices on black Friday , the day after thanksgiving, for about 15 hours only. Seriously, people get into fist fights over black Friday sales!)

My shoes are not shown in the pics but I am wearing my favorite ones : oxfords. The best part about these shoes are their heels. A short girl like me needs all the height she can get! P.S: does anyone spot a four leaf clover in this picture? ha ha just kidding. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

Thanks for reading :)

Febuary wishlist

I have officially decided that every month, I will create a list of goals and wishes that I want to achieve and hopefully, I can succeed at completing each list in 31 days! What I don't finish, will roll over to the next month's list.

I was so excited to get started! Here is my February list :

In case my writing is hard to read (It is actually very hard to write legibly with crayon xD ) here is what the list says:

1) Revlon photo ready airbrush foundation (I would absolutely love to get the photo ready primer as well)

2) Maybelline dream Nude air foam foundation

3) Almay smart shade correcting primer

4) John Freida brilliant brunette shampoo and condition

Does anything here appeal to you?

I figured that four was realistic for this months wish list, especially considering I do not have job at- the- moment xD. I promise as soon as I get these I will do a review and let every one know how things turned out! I hope to get started very soon!

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo shoot and friends to boot

My best friend and I had the pleasure ( more like the challenge) of walking to a nearby (more like two mile away) park. After having a swing set contest , because your never too old to enjoy a playground, we decided to have a mini photo shoot of our own . It was quite the perfect day for it if i say so myself! The wind was blowing, the sun was up, and the weather was warm but breezy. The scenery was truly beautiful as well!

It was a really great opportunity to see the differences in our styles. I found that my neutral colors rather contrasted her vivid shades. It's funny because people often mistake us for each other (seriously, every one :friends, teachers, mothers....) since floral colors look good on my friend, maybe I will try them sometime?

I really admire what she did here. Floral and ruffles and lace, oh my!So many eye catchers going on here but everything seems to go so well. I think my my favorite piece in this outfit is the skirt, it's probably as feminine as you can get with it's ruffles and roses. In a past post I talked about playing it safe with neutrals and matching colors. I also mentioned how some people can pull of a look like this, my best friend is one of them xD.

Today, my outfit was very simple and consisted of totally neutral colors: brown , black, white, etc. I loved this shirt for the adorable desighn in front ( it has a collar and polka dot pattern that looks totally cartoon). The black flower necklace was a Christmas present and added just enough femininity to make this outfit fit my style to-a-tea.

We really had a great time playing model for the day and here's the finished product :) We must have taken 50 shots with instagram and such so I think I have narrowed down to four or five really nice ones !

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Most versitile blogger award

Hello all ! It seems I have been granted the Most versatile blogger award by the lovely sunny . She has a wonderful blog over there at .

The rules are that once you are awarded, you share 7 facts about yourself and link to 10 fellow bloggers whom you have also awarded .(note: continued rules at the end of this post). Sounds fun :D here goes...

Favorite color: Green ( can you tell? xD )

favorite food : Anything creamy and cold (it's never too cold for a frozen treat! :p)

I plan to major in the culinary arts and become a chef one day......a very stylish chef!

I chickened out of taking physics in school, so instead, I am taking Honers molecular genetics/ micro biology ( I know, it makes no sense)

I cannot stay organized no matter how hard I try (I have tried forty five times so far...)

I am a major procrastinator which is probably why I stress about school so much ( don't judge me please xD it runs in the family)

I have a big heart . Because of it, There is care and thought put into everything I say and do. Thank you so much to all my followers and friends :)

And now without further ado, the 10 blogs that I have awarded as most versatile

I recently followed a fellow blogger who also received the award, yet her post said that not ten, but five blogs should be awarded. I decided to cut it even at 8 blogs just to be on the safe side :P. The rules are that once nominated, you must link back to the person who nominated you on your blog and write 7 Facts about yourself. Then you can nominate 10, or 5, or eight ( at this point I wouldnt blame you for nominating 100!) blogs that you think deserve the award. Congratulations to my winners and good luck to everyone!

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Teal Ring and Aqua Marine

I recently visited some family in the city and on the day I saw my cousin, I noticed that she was wearing the most adorable ring! It was a beautiful and quite large teal stone with a ring of silver around the edges. It must have been love at first sight. When I asked where she got it, she replied that she had purchased it at a swamp meet. I have to admit for a while I was heartbroken, the market is every Friday and I was only visiting for a day. To my surprise, when I saw her next (about a week ago) she pulled out the exact ring; she had looked for it last Friday and purchased it for me. Thanks cuzn!!!

I painted my nails a fresh aqua marine color to match . I will say that it is a bit large for my finger but it definitely doesn't affect my enthusiasm. What a perfect transitional color from winter to spring. It's a bit early to think about spring but it's a good thing to keep in mind. In the right light, the color looks fresh and seems to pop, but for the meantime, while the weather is still Grey, the shade pretty much matches the color of the sky.

I went a little overboard with the pictures, but I think everyone gets the idea :p The great thing about teal is that the color is so easy to pair with other things. I played it safe with a black sweater and belt when I wore the ring today. But the possibilities are endless and I think this ring has a lot of potential. I plan on developing a small collection of rings so that I can where them more often, and so the hunt begins!!!

Thanks for reading :)