Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo shoot and friends to boot

My best friend and I had the pleasure ( more like the challenge) of walking to a nearby (more like two mile away) park. After having a swing set contest , because your never too old to enjoy a playground, we decided to have a mini photo shoot of our own . It was quite the perfect day for it if i say so myself! The wind was blowing, the sun was up, and the weather was warm but breezy. The scenery was truly beautiful as well!

It was a really great opportunity to see the differences in our styles. I found that my neutral colors rather contrasted her vivid shades. It's funny because people often mistake us for each other (seriously, every one :friends, teachers, mothers....) since floral colors look good on my friend, maybe I will try them sometime?

I really admire what she did here. Floral and ruffles and lace, oh my!So many eye catchers going on here but everything seems to go so well. I think my my favorite piece in this outfit is the skirt, it's probably as feminine as you can get with it's ruffles and roses. In a past post I talked about playing it safe with neutrals and matching colors. I also mentioned how some people can pull of a look like this, my best friend is one of them xD.

Today, my outfit was very simple and consisted of totally neutral colors: brown , black, white, etc. I loved this shirt for the adorable desighn in front ( it has a collar and polka dot pattern that looks totally cartoon). The black flower necklace was a Christmas present and added just enough femininity to make this outfit fit my style to-a-tea.

We really had a great time playing model for the day and here's the finished product :) We must have taken 50 shots with instagram and such so I think I have narrowed down to four or five really nice ones !

Thanks for reading :)

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