Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas surprises! (4) my christmas e.l.f

Well this is the last Christmas surprises post ! I am pretty sure I have completely bored everyone with my e.l.f hauls and reviews by now... but this was a gift, I swear! A totally unexpected (and very much appreciated) gift that brought with it this post . What can I say? my friends know me all to well! Get ready, because it's a long one!

Left to right : cool coral, rosy raisin, barely bitten, party pink
First up are four E.L.F mineral lipsticks . When I first heard the word "Mineral" I expected more of an all natural/ organic type of product. What it actually meant was that the lipstick had a sort of shimmery affect that was a result of tiny minerals infused throughout the product (oops aha).

This is the E.L.F mineral lipstick in rosy raisin. I was a little disappointed that the swatch was so different than the one online. The actual color is almost an exact match of my natural lip color which kinda of eliminates the whole purpose of a lipstick. However, I suppose this could come in handy some time .... :/ The consistency is creamy, soft, and definitely doesn't drag on my lips. I also appreciate the tiny shimmer in this lipstick because it creates a fuller lip.

Next is E.L.F mineral lipstick in the shade cool coral. I really love this shade because it's so unique yet it looks so natural! you can kind of see the gold-ish veins running through the coral color and there are also some splashes of red running through. I am really looking forward to wearing this shade often :)))

I'm glad I received two very opposite shades. It's a great way to experiment with what colors look best! but I have to say that deciding between them is actually really hard xD. this is the lipstick in the shade party pink, which look very light online but in reality, the shade is rather neutral. It is however, fairly pigmented, as all of these lipsticks are. It definitely looks pink on lips, but it doesn't stand out as bright or lighter than usual. The color also goes well with my medium toned skin despite being a lighter shade. It also looks natural despite obvious pigmentation ( its a pretty confusing shade). Nonetheless, I love it and plan to use it often, though I recommend it with more of a daytime look.

the last lipstick is in the shade barely bitten. this is a deep red color and doesn't take a lot of effort to achieve full pigmentation ( so I have to be a little more careful with this one ! ) This shade is pretty safe for those of us who can't pull of a red lipstick (and I mean RED lipstick) which is exactly what what I have been searching for. This is a good shade for the night but will also go well during the day ( just remember not to wear a super pigmented blush or eyeshadow with this on! )

I also received two lovely blushes from a dear friend in the shades candid coral and tickled pink. I had heard so much talk about the famed candid coral that was supposedly a dupe for the Nars blush in orgasm but I wouldn't know because I don't own Nars blush in that shade anyways :p

The top image is the E.L.F studio blush in candid coral and the bottom picture is the shade tickled pink. I was a bit let down to find that candid coal is rather orange and dark, not exactly my ideal blush . Also ,it has to be applied multiple times for the color to show against my skin. It has a lovely glow to it but i would not recommend it for those with dark or medium toned skin ( like myself) only because it has to be applied several times before pigmentation appears :/ . Tickled pink on the other hand is a very versitile shade and does show on my skin with just one layer. It is not sparkly but tiny flecks of gold in the blush create a very unique and subtle shimmer which I really appreciate.

Whew! and lastly I recieved the E.L.F everyday eyeshadow palate which sports 12 eyeshadow shades (generally warm colors like purple , brown, and black) . I don't use eyeshadow too often but I am happy to have this nearby before a night out. It's always nice to do something extra during special events or even spontaneously!

Another thing I don't use to often but still nice to have around: an eyeliner pencil. I usually prefer gel eyeliner (and I also do not own a sharpener xD ) but when doing a dramatic look it's better to have a pencil for precision.

Well that's all! my Christmas surprises posts have officially come to and end for the year :) thanks for being patient with me ! And thanks for reading :)


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