Sunday, March 4, 2012

pink dress and posing mess

Yes, I know I just posted about a new Grey Jacket but the one featured in this post is actually a different one (hahah, coincidence) The difference is that this is more of a blazer-type jacket and it has shoulder pads so it makes me look sophisticated xD

This adorable number was purchased at a shopping district (L.A has a district near, little Tokyo, where the street is filled with clothes and makeup and jewelry sellers. 30 blocks of sheer enjoyment aha)I love the elegance of his dress. With ruffles, flowers (and the fact that it is pink) how much more feminine can it get? the silhouette is so flattering and I really love how airy and light it is. Mind you, these are very bad poses but I was trying to pull back the jacket so that everyone could see mostly the dress , I don't usually don't look like such a mess xD

paired the dress with some black boots and grey tights so I am now ready to face the day!

Thanks for reading ! :)