Monday, March 19, 2012

My Picks

YAAAAY it's finally March (and saint Patrick's day is right around the corner) . Green is the seasons color and also happens to be my absolute favorite color as well. So to show my holiday spirit, I have decided to do a post featuring my choice "green" products. These products have natural ingredients included in them, making them oh-so healthy for your skin while leaving a clean/ fresh feeling. my DAILY usage of these products explains why they are all half empty (or half full ?) and also shows how much I love them :)

So this first one is a fragrance by AVON called natural. Its the cucumber body spray/perfume which has a surprisingly sweet top note. Its my signature scent and I love the fresh clean smell. Its really for a girl who has a casual/ airy style. Its definitely not floral smelling and it doesn't smell very high end, but it smells clean and crisp for sure!

Next is this rice mask wash off which I use weekly to soften my skin. It was a Christmas gift that I have been thankful to receive every time I use it. Its great for sensitive skin too!. I use it after I cleanse my face and neck. Its really cool because there are tiny grains of rice in the masks that gently exfoliate your skin. Did I mention that it smells amazing?

I also Use this cleansing wash from Boots almost daily. Its from the Botanic collection and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. I use it at the end off the day to wash off makeup. I love that this is a foam and when I apply to my wet face, it really does turn to foam! so cool.

Next is this lotion from the world market. Its got real olive and Shea oils that keep my skin hydrated during windy days. it was really inexpensive and other key ingredients include sugar, vanilla, almond, and cocoa! As You can see, My bottle has received a lot of love (its almost time to restock!) This unique lotion is thinner than than a body butter, but more moisturizing and less oily than regular lotions, but whatever it is, I love it xD

hope you all have a fantastic march!
thanks for reading :)

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