Thursday, February 9, 2012

A new bed!

Hey guys! It's a little off topic but I absolutley had to stop and gush about this new bed that I got my cats a few days ago.Last weekend my cats received a new bed to share and hopefully it will keep those little trouble makers off of mine! I think they will quite like it considering that it is some-what roomy so they can hide inside of it.

There is a sheepskin lining on the inside which is certainly going to win over Oreo. Fernie will love the nook because of it's enclosed design, he tends to choose small, dark spaces when he takes a nap.

I am absoutley in love with this animal print on the exterior! What better pattern for a cat bed than cat print? Besides, Fernie thinks he is a wild animal anyways! So overall, this little bed has sheepskin flooring, foux fur lining, an enclosed design, and a killer exterior. xD. I can't believe how spoiled these cats are !

It looks like Oreo is already poking around inside!

Thanks for reading :)

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