Saturday, December 17, 2011

my Apologies

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying an excellent winter! I have certainly gotten into the spirit of the season in all that I do! (this includes stressing over the very challenging and super important tests that students receive the week before winter break D:) I may have neglected to mention that I love painting designs on my nails, I have to credit others with the original ideas though . My second nail design this season included a colorful snowflake image on each nail and it looked absolutely fun and fabulous.

I am not a nail biter or anything but under periods of stress my poor nails receive some pretty brutal treatment and I tend to chip away at the polish.( I am very ashamed of this fact.) So while I had originally hoped to display the whimsical design on ALL FIVE NAILS, sadly, days of stressing over school tests have left me with but three fingers left with nail polish on them. Hopefully I can re-apply the design soon and put up some real pictures! Until then, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading :)