Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Threads: knitted scarf (oreo)

I have two cats who are VERY different. One is a girl, Oreo. And one is a boy, Fernie. The two of them fight quite often because Fernie is a little ruffian who like to be outside and Oreo is a dainty and shy little thing who never sets foot outdoors! This is Oreo:And in this picture, I have caught her in the act of rolling around in one of my favorite scarves!!!!!!!!! She likes it because it's comfy but she doesn't know that it's handmade and easy to tear! I guess it's true that cats love yarn.And speaking of scarves , tis' the season for them! It's winter time so bundle up and get something warm on! I would suggest adding a hot cup of cocoa. One thing that goes great with knit ware is cable knit patterns and solid colors. the cable knit provides warmth while the knit scarf,hat,gloves,etc. supplies comfort. Just ask my cat! :D
Cable knit is a type of weave that gives the impression of long chords of thick cables that weave in and out of each other. this technique can be achieved through knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc. It produces a thicker material which makes it common in winter-ware.

Here, I've paired the scarf with a solid green sweater that has a cable knit pattern. A good rule of thumb is warm colors on warm colors, bright colors with bright colors (this is a way to play it safe if you have trouble coordinating outfits. You don't have to be matching, but you should stay in the color shade range) many people are able to pull of the warm with bright style, which I've always admired. I'd love to see how others dress warmly for the season too! have fun showing off your style this holiday season :)

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  1. your cat is so cute...and i love that knit top! xx

  2. thanks Vivian :D

    it was my pleasure missdanbee!

  3. : thank you haha