Friday, December 2, 2011

Season trend:luminescents

I think Adele is such a beautiful singer and this photo totally inspires me for winter beauty. It's so great how there is a mix of chic and comfort (referring to that Very warm looking sweater)

When I hear winter, I think of frost. This season a great beauty trend is the use of highlighters, luminators, and shimmer.However, I am not necessarily talking about the warm glow of bronzers . Here are a few face products guaranteed to give you a frosty sheen this winter.If you like blush, I would recommend the Maybelline dream mousse blush. all of their whipped shades have a shimmery affect in the daylight. They look and feel very smooth too!. If you want a little less shimmer, try layering a matte blush over it such as this L.A colors blush in pink

For a similar sheen with less pigmentation try Maybelline Lunar energy liquid shimmer for a luminous look. a little goes a long way and the texture is smooth and silky. liquid luminance can go all over both face and body , while providing a little moisture as well!

If you prefer powders, I recommend the Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F) bronzer in luminance. Make sure to have a nice fluffy brush for even distribution and sweep it LIGHTLY across the surface. This is by far my favorite luminance product and it is a very good bargain too! I hope you Shine like star this winter :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. <3 adele

  2. beautiful eyes make-up!

    Fashion Cat

  3. i love adele, she is soo good,
    i like your blog( and i am suprised you dont have more followers)
    i too would recommed he maybelline dream mousse blush.
    anyway i like your blog
    please take a look at my blog

  4. Aitana and Kate L. : i can see that you both have very good taste :)

    Addie: thanks for checking out my blog. (lol I picked up blogging again rather recently :p ) Your blog is lovely!

  5. You have a cute blog! Thanks for commenting on mine xx

  6. hey! layering the maybelline mousse with matte one is a great idea. i too totally love e.l.f luminance n do keep it "light"..:p
    nice post btw.

  7. Sam:no prob!
    cheeky chic: thanks! you have a lovely blog :)