Tuesday, June 21, 2011

elf haul review!!!

Finally! After waiting two weeks the package arrived with my e.l.f cosmetics.So after using the products for about a week now, I am ready to give my review. here goes :P

Lets start with the all over cover stick: I got the product in spice though I could have sworn I ordered it in honey. The point was to get a close match to my skin tone and see how well it worked as a concealer. Luckily, the spice tone did not look too bad on my skin. I think it made my skin darker by a teeeeny bit, but besides that, it could also work as a bronzer.It did a pretty good job covering any reddish spots like on my cheeks but I wouldn't use it to cover blenishes or scars. As for application, it was smooth and creamy. TIP: Warm the product by swirling your finger on the top and apply with your fingertips (less messy and better blending). Also blend quickly because if u let it dry, it will look like you have streaks on your face! Basically, this product gets four stars out of five because it's smooth,has good coverage, and the price is a steal. The only bad expirience I had with this product was the blending because it dries very quickly, and I think e.l.f may have messed up on the color. I give this product a 4 out of 5 as a concealer.

I also ordered the moisturizing lip balm in strawaberry cream. I carry this products everywhere because it really softens my lips and makes them look healthy immediatley. I didnt detect the strawaberry creme flavor that this product is supposed to have but it didn't really matter to me. TIP: do not apply alot on chapped lips! it will collect on chapped ereas and look white and it's impossible to fix it! Use only on even skin. I was a little dissapointed because for some reason, the packaging allowed me to twist the bottom to make the lip balm come out, but it wouldn't twist backwards to make the balm go back into the tube! So I have to be carefull when using it otherwise the cap will smoosh the top of the stick! :( So i would give this a 4 out of 5 because it works lie a charm (on SEMI chapped lips) and the price it's so cheap. I didnt appreciate the packaging tho...

I got two brushes: the essential foundation brush, and the total face brush . The total face brush is definately my favorite brush ever! For one thing, it's HUGE! and it feels so soft. I use it to put on my everyday mineral foundation. It does a really good job picking up loose powder. I have absolutely no complaints about this brush :)))))) The e.l.f foundation brush is a little harder to review because it is the one product I have yet to use! The bristles are smooth but stiff and I dont use my liquid foundation too much so I havn't had the chance to try this brush!. I give the total face brush a 5 out of 5 and the foundation brush is pending.

The shimmering facial whip is one of those products that probobly only works with certain people. I use the lilac petal as a highlighter on my cheeks. It comes in a cute and tiny bottle, but dont worry because you only need a small amount for one use! TIP: It's very sheen so be carefull! I think I would use it more often if it wasn't so shimmery... anyway, I give it a 3 out of 5 because I rarely use it and it has a bit too much glitter for my taste. It does have many uses so if you are creative , I would buy this item ( it's a great bargain :))

The clarifying pressed powder is a great product! it not only minimizes large pores and absorbs shine, but it also helps clear skin. I really appreciated the little powder puff that came with it though i prefer using the total face brush. The compact is slim so I can take it everywhere and it fits in my pocket.TIP: lots of product will get on the powder puff so sweep it across the compact LIGHTLY. I give this product a 4 out of 5. definatley worth buying!

If anyone has recommendations for elf cosmeticts ( or any cosmeticts for that matter :P )I would love to hear them!

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