Sunday, June 5, 2011

anticpating E.L.F haul

My longtime love for online merch and great deals led me to the infamous eyes lips face studio website, otherwise known as E.L.F. At first I was adding things to my online shopping cart so quickly that I had racked up 50 dollars worth of makeup brushes, mineral concealers and bronzers, lipstick and lip glosses, eyeshadows and mascara , all within half an hour! Not to worry though, the website iss full of cupon codes and special offers that cut my total up to 40%. Even though I had to downsize a little, I was extremely happy to purchase 6 items ( to be revealed once my order gets here ;) ) for less than 15 bucks! including shipping and handling. i got some sample sizes just in case the product doesnt work for me, but according to the accounts I've heard from others, these products are wonderfull!

*WARNING* shipping and handling is pricy, U.S costs $6.50 and more than twice that much to Canada!

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