Saturday, September 24, 2011

Makes me happy

there are many things that make me happy, today it's these:


We are finally over with summer around here but still I find myself craving ice cream by the tubfull. Chocolate is of course my favorite flavor followed by cotton candy and then mint and chip. never heard of them? they look like this :


otherwise known as the best store ever!!!!!they have such affordable clothing.I am in love with their jewelry too!it's very hard for me too go into their store and come out empty handed


now that school has started I've been cooking a lot more often. my culinary class is very challenging because we are the advanced class. The creme De la creme , if you will. I guess my instructor really wanted to narrow it down because there's only 15 students in this class. These are the ones who are really serious about the profession and to be in this class I had to study foods for 3 years! this picture above features various herbs and spices that i absolutely looove to add to my dishes. In class, the instructor will often times give us a basket of raw goods and we have to make something amazing out of them. i can honestly say that some of the above herbs have been true lifesavers at the end of preparation. fall is also known as baking season in my home, so i will be practically living in an apron pretty soon!


  1. I love both chocolate and mint chocolate icecream! They're like my favourites :) xx

  2. they taste great together too :)