Friday, September 23, 2011


October is coming quickly and with it, my favorite season. fall! :)))) I just love the weather and something about a windy day makes me feel so content. i love watching people scurry up and down streets to warmly lit homes and slowly, the city begins to prepare itself for Christmas. ( i don't really appreciate all the stores rushing to get into Christmas but it is the season a giving so it must be a big deal for them!) the leaves change into lovely warm colors and the atmosphere trades its warm august zephyr for a chilly October breeze. I love to be indoors when the weather is cold and sip hot chocolate with marshmallows, yummy. And who can forget the cozy fashions that go hand in hand with the season? from fluttering scarves to stiffly folded mufflers, people everywhere join in on the trend of the season (that is, staying warm :P) but fall is a time of color and what better way to display color than in layers? a personal favorite of mine is a pastel green army styled coat that my mom gave me . another thing i love about the season, is the vegetation. pumpkins ( pumpkin pie :DDDDD) squash and gourds, acorns , walnuts, candy corn . ok haha, so candy corn isn't really vegetation, but they always come seasonally during this time of year lol.

ahh candy corn, one of the sweetest gifts of fall. when i was little, i had a candy corn party with all of my friends. good times, good times xD. i have to say that out of all of the variations, my favorite type is the original candy corn flavor. so good!

these are exacltly what the leaves look like here in california! as you can see, none of them are the same, but all are beautifully unique. and everyone should expirience jumping into a pile of leaves at least once in their lives! plus, its a great incentive for cleaning out the backyard. ;) and personally i leave a little extra leaves out in the front yard for color and eye catching appeal. i think fall leaves really capture the spirit of the season...

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