Thursday, November 3, 2011

my world in fall

The days are growing shorter and fall has FINALLY come to visit my part of the world. I hope it stays for a loooong time. Usually, California is hot and sunny for most of the year so windy and chilly weather is rare and much appreciated. this is also a time when the natives around here ( referring to the bunnies and coyotes prepare for winter and a lot of burrowing is done in the land behind my house :p .
Lavender plants that grow in my backyard are begging to go dormant, but I managed to catch the last sign of them in this pic of lavender seed pods.My cat Fernie loooves to roll around in these, which is cute because he comes home smelling like a spa, but also kind of annoying because his big poof tail has millions of tiny seed pods entangled in his fur! He will do anything to avoid a brushing so I discourage him from rolling around in things .

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I got this little decoration about three years ago , it reminds me of my cat because its so chubby! xD I'm not sure what the umbrella looking thing on its' head is for but i think it's still adorable . I put it on a bush next to the lavender plants so that it can really characterize Fernie !

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